How To Throw Your Biggest Party

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If you find yourself having to throw a big party or an event just thinking about it can be intimidating. But by following a few key pointers you can get your big event on track.

It is true, you could get to enjoy the party.

Lists are the answer#

Professional party planners like party rentals baltimore will tell you that lists are the answer. You might have a planning list which is completed at some point. You might have a ‘day of’ list too. But the value of the list is you cross things off, you know they’re done and you can take that worry off.


A theme can often help get the party off to a great start. Even if it’s something like black and white which has been done a gazillion times it creates a talking point. You can even take the theme through to the d├ęcor, drinks and food.

Talking about Food and Drink

You can take away a lot of the worry by getting the food and drink right. Try and keep food simple, that doesn’t mean it has to be ordinary or unsophisticated but simple is always easier. If people can serve themselves that might help too.

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As for drink, there are as many approaches to that as there are drinks. A themed cocktail is always fun but is high alcohol too, so take care.


Everything is so casual these days that unless you send invites you may have no idea who is coming. If you really want to get a count on attendees add a required RSVP. It seems odd, but you often have to put an ‘RSVP by’ on the invite and after the date has passed you assume no response means they aren’t coming.