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Everything You Need To Know About Laser Tag

Laser Tag is gaining popularity, predominantly because it is fun. But what happens during a game and how does it work? Here’s everything that you need to know.

party group games annandale

What is Laser Tag

It is simply party group games annandale where participants are split into two teams. Each person wears an infrared sensitive target. Players are then equipped with a gun that fires infrared beans to knock players out for a while. There are different variations of the game which add nuance and can change who wins, but in simple terms, the last person standing is the winner.

The game can be played outdoors or indoors but does require running about and can be noisy too. Equipment may also be adjusted so that it is appropriate for where the game is played.

Is it safe?

When compared with Paintball, Laser Tag has some immediate advantages, first of all, there is no mess to clean up, and as there are moving parts there is the potential for bruising and ruined clothes from paint.

With Laser Tag, there are no physically moving parts other than the people. So, the biggest question is whether or not the infrared guns are safe especially for the eyes.

They key point here is that Laser Tag does not use a laser, it is using infrared. Remember those pointers which you could use to highlight a point on a slide in a presentation – it is that sort of light and not a laser. So really there is no concern from damage caused by a Laser.

Most Laser Tag companies would start their events with a safety talk, and general advice would be to refrain from shining light into anyone’s eyes. But you need not worry about the laser effect.

party group games annandale