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Novel Idea For Those Who Love Sports

The back pages are full of them. Sports mad guys read them every day. But they’re not swarming to the newsstands for the latest developments in the locker rooms. They’re getting it online. It’s called up to the minute reporting. Guys and girls are always up to date and in the loop. There’s reasons for keeping in touch. Many have ventured into the gamey area of sports forecasting, putting themselves in line, sometimes even in harm’s way, to win a sack full of cash.

Something to tie them over with, or rake in an extra income to keep up with the guys downtown. Quick reporting and information all from the tippety touch of a tablet or smart mobile. But it gets a bit much after a while. What do you think? If you’re mad about sports, wouldn’t you want to go the extra mile. There’s just so many back file stories out there. And just think what you can do with these in your sports casting business.

golf novel

Detailed information never did any harm to a good gamer. But what about the player? Once training and practice is over, the limbs are tired and the mind goes all knotty. Time for some inspiration. Here’s a novel idea for those who love sports stories. Pick up a good, inspirational golf novel before you head off to the greens for another challenge. Pick up a nostalgic yarn on several world cups in a row before you pick your next team for the Sunday league.

The golf yarn covers the historic St Andrews, said to be the home of golf, where it all started. The world cup story will also start somewhere out in bonny Scotland. Don’t believe this? Go on, pick up a book and surprise yourself with the results.

golf novel